Titan Single Axis Servo Motor Driver and Controller

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Multi-Type Motor Support Closed Loop Driver Controller

  • Closed loop servo technology
  • Supports all types of motor (BLDC/PMSM/STEPPER/DC)
  • RS-485 serial communication
  • Pulse Mode or Controller mode with standalone programming
  • Differential Encoder input with encoder output
  • Hall sensor input
  • 8 digital inputs opto-isolated
  • 3 digital outputs opto-isolated




  • 2 pin mini-fit jr for power
  • 4 pin mini-fit jr for motor
  • 15 pin HD DSUB for encoder
  • 15 pin HD DSUB for motion DIO
  • 4 pin connector for serial communication

RS-485 ASCII communication

  • 115200 bps, 8N1

Standalone programmable using A-SCRIPT

  • Closed Loop Driver Specifications
  • 12-36 VDC
  • 6.0 Amp max current setting (peak current)
  • 1 MHz max pulse support

Configurable as following modes:

  • Pulse Mode – able to use digital pulse control using pulse/dir
  • Controller Mode – able to do motion profile generation and standalone programming capability

Opto-isolated Digital IO

  • 8 bits of digital inputs
  • Pulse Mode – Pulse/Dir/Enable/Clear/Reset inputs (3 additional digital inputs not used)
  • Controller Mode – +Lim/Home/-Lim plus 5 general purpose digital inputs
  • 3 bits of digital outputs
    • Pulse Mode – InPos/Alarm/Brake digital outputs
    • Controller Mode – 3 general purpose digital outputs

A/B/Z differential encoder inputs with A/B/Z single ended encoder signal outputs UVW Hall sensor inputs Controller Mode Features:

  • Homing routines using Home/Limit/Z Index Soft Limit Detection
  • Over current/Over voltage/ Under voltage/Temperature/Position Error fault detection
Evaluation Kit

TITAN-SVX Evaluation Kit