TITAN-IMX Integrated Servo Motor with Embedded Machine Learning

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TITAN Integrated Motor is a new generation of intelligent servo motors with advanced servo technology and machine learning.

  • Supports commonly used RS485 communication with a CANOpen (DS301, DSP402) option.
  • Comes with many advanced motion control features such as Auto Parameter Detection, Auto Tuning, Force/Torque control, and Multi-thread Motion Programming.
  • Uses the intuitive and easy-to-use TITAN Software that enables anyone to startup the servo motion system within minutes
  • Meets the new challenges and requirements in the emerging field of Industry 4.0/Industrial IoT with 2ndSight motion edge analytics algorithms and the new Arcus Servo 5.0 standard




  • Configurable as Controller Mode or Pulse Mode
  • Various Motor Sizes
    -Stepper Motors – NEMA 23 and NEMA 34
  • Easy to use Auto Motor Parameter Detection Wizard and Auto Mechanical Parameter Detection Tuning Wizard
  • Motor and System Database File System Support
  • Open Loop Hold and Dynamic Gain
  • Advanced Plotting and Probing
  • Simplified Gain Setting
  • Force / Torque Control


  • RS485 with 115K Baud
  • Motor and System Database File System Support
  • Protocols Supported: Arcus ASCII, MODBUS RTU, MODBUS ASCII


  • 3 Opto-isolated Digital Inputs
    – Controller Mode – Limit+, Limit-, Home
    – Pulse Mode – Pulse, Dir, Enable
  • 2 Opto-isolated Digital Outputs
    – Controller Mode – 2 General Outputs
    – Pulse Mode – In-pos, Alarm
  • 1 Analog Input 0-5V range



  • Voltage Input Range: 24VDC to 48VDC
  • Motor Peak Current: 8A


  • 59 x 44 x 10.3mm

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Max Ratings:

  • Main Power Input: +24 to +48V and 8A
  • Digital Input Forward Diode Max Current: 25mA
  • Digital Output Collector Max Voltage: +24V
  • Digital Output Sink Max Current: 45mA
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 80°C
  • Storage Temperature: -55 to 150°C

Software and Installers:

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