Nippon Pulse PMX-4EX-SA-TBS Box Level Controller

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High-performance motion controllers.  Control 4 axes of movement in a convenient all-in-one package.

Ideal for applications such as robotics, laser cutting/engraving, and linear stage applications, including microscopes and scanners. On-the-fly parameter adjustment, S-curve and trapezoidal motion profiles, and linear interpolation capabilities.  Also capable of circular interpolation.




  • Core chips: PCL6045BL
  • No of axes: 4
  • S curve: Yes
  • Encoder input: Yes
  • Interpolation operation: Linear, circular, arc
  • Change the speed on the fly: Yes
  • Comm port: USB 2.0 and RS-485
  • Max pulse rate output: 6M
  • Interpolation options: Linear, circular, arc
  • Built in homing: Yes
  • Built in drivers: 0

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