Arcus DMX-K-DRV-17 Basic NEMA 17 Integrated Stepper Motor + Microstep Driver

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Basic NEMA 17 Integrated Stepper Motor Microstep Driver

  • NEMA 11/17/23 double and triple stack motor options
  • Configurable DIO control or driver mode
  • Pulse/Dir or CW/CCW drive mode
  • 200K maximum pulse rate support




  • 12 to 24 VDC Voltage Input
  • 100mA to 2.5A support
  • Full/Half/Quarter/16 microstep
  • Configurable as Driver mode or Controller mode
  • Driver mode: One clock (Pulse/Dir) or two clock (CW/CCW) support
  • Driver mode: 200K maximum pulse rate input
  • Controller mode: Absolute, incremental, jogging move type support
  • Controller mode: 4 motion profile selection, start/stop input, status output
  • Controller mode: 16K maximum pulse rate output speed
  • Opto-isolated differential Pulse/Dir inputs (motion profile selector in controller mode)
  • Opto-isolated driver enabled input (start/stop input in controller mode)
  • Opto-isolated over-temperature alarm output (status output in controller mode)
  • Available in NEMA 17 in double and triple stack lengths
  • Software configurable

Included connectors:

  • 1 x 10-pin DF11 flying lead cable (1 ft)

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